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Surfing in the south of Spain, the best places


Did you know that the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet in the south of Spain? This combination plus the winds in this area make it one of the best places in Spain for surfing, together with the north coast. The coast of Andalusia awaits - mild temperatures and over 1,000 kilometres of coastline and waves to suit both the abilities the tastes of any surfer. Here you have a selection of great places for grabbing your board and heading for the sea.

Huelva, a surfer’s paradise waiting to be discovered

There’s a slice of coast between Cádiz and Portugal that often gets forgotten when choosing where to go surfing in Andalusia. But Huelva is an absolute gem just waiting to be discovered. Mazagón: with wide virtually unspoilt beaches right by the Doñana National Park, Mazagón has waves for surfers of all levels. The best conditions for enjoying them are to be found at mid and low tide with a northerly wind and a south westerly swell, and the best season of the year down here is winter.  Playa Punta del Moral: if you’re looking for an idyllic spot to unwind, there’s one just an hour’s drive from Mazagón. The winds favour fast waves. 

Sunset at Mazagón beach in Huelva, Andalusia

Tarifa, the surfing mecca in Cádiz

This is the most popular place in the south with surfers. The choice of beach will depend on the wind and the waves.  The impressive beaches of Caños de Meca and El Palmar are ideal for surfing. They’re both very big, virtually unspoilt and the waves can reach up to three metres in height.  To the west of the port of Tarifa lies El Balneario, an excellent option if you’re looking for powerful waves. Remember to be careful with the rocks on the beach. The so-called Lugar Secreto offers a wonderful landscape and great conditions for surfing, with waves from the south and south east. It’s located between the Bolonia and Las Dunas beaches. Once in the area, it’s a good idea to ask for directions as it can be quite hard to find (hence the name - “Lugar Secreto” means secret place in Spanish). When you're surfing remember to keep an eye out for the rocks. 

Málaga, surf for everyone on the Costa del Sol.

With both westerly and easterly swells, its beaches are an attractive option for surfers.  The beach at Cabopino is ideal for beginners. A sandy sea floor that’s perfect for catching the waves all along the beach, as they form many crests. The best time to enjoy both the landscape and the waves is at mid tide when there’s a westerly wind blowing. The beach at Bil Bil is a popular one with surfers - it’s located next to the port of Benalmádena. With a sandy sea floor, it’s ideal for those days when the wind’s blowing from the east. If you’re a good surfer, you’ll love beaches such as Los Álamos and Huelin, as the currents and the form of the seabed makes for varied wave conditions. 

Surfer paddling in the sea

Granada, waves not to be missed

The Costa Tropical also has lots to offer surf lovers, and is becoming increasingly popular almost all year round.The Punta del Río de Salobreña beach is one of the best spots, with waves generally reaching a metre and a half in height when there’s a westerly wind. Conditions are also good when the wind’s coming from the east.If you’re travelling between spring and autumn, there’s also the La Carchunabeach. With a northerly wind and a south-south westerly swell, you can catch waves up to a metre and a half in height. The sea floor is rock.Very close by is the La Chucha beach, a spot for more experienced surfers who want to enjoy the sport under the towering cliffs.

Beach on the Costa Tropical in Granada, Andalusia

Almería, the essence of the Mediterranean

The coast of Almería is full of places for riding the waves. In terms of wave direction, you can enjoy: - From the west: El Zapillo (the city of Almería). There’s a small section of this urban beach, protected by breakwaters, where surf riders can catch the waves when the westerly wind is blowing.  Club de Playa (El Ejido): also located between two breakwaters, and suitable for surfers of all levels. When both the wind and the swell are coming from the west, the waves roll in from left and right, it’s an amazing experience.  With a westerly swell, the Guardias Viejas and Las Salinas beaches are also a good choice.

Surfer riding the crest of a wave on a beach in Almería, Andalusia

- From the east: Los Genoveses. Close to the village of San José and protected by cliffs, this is a perfect spot for surfing if you have a taste for solitary places. Suitable for surfers of all levels, there’s a sandy sea floor, and great conditions with an easterly wind. Mojácar: is famous for having the best waves in Almería. With a good westerly swell, the ocean waves can reach heights of up to two metres - they’re long, and roll in fast. If there’s a westerly wind, other interesting beaches are Punta del Río (also known as El Rosita), in the city of Almería; and El Playazo, in Rodalquilar.

View of the Los Genoveses beach in San José, Almería, Andalusia
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