Swing at the Concha de Oropesa de Mar beach in Castellón, Region of Valencia

Some of the most beautiful benches and swings in Spain


We suggest visiting some of the locations in Spain that have become the background for countless photos in recent years. Don’t miss out on these recommendations about the most beautiful benches and swings in Spain. Magical corners with views to places you should discover, and which will crown you the “king” of social media. Take your time to enjoy the beauty of these locations.

  • Giant bench in Burón, León, Castile and Leon

    7Riaño (Leon)

    Riaño, a town in the north of Leon, promises to meet the expectations of any visitors to the largest swing in Spain and the largest bench in Leon. The bench can be found in Burón and offers views to the Burín Peak, surrounded by a picturesque landscape and next to a picnic spot where you can recharge your energy. After you’ve had enough of a rest on this giant bench, you can explore the Montaña de Riaño y Mampodre Regional Park. There, on the way to Hormas Forest, you can find an eight-metre swing with chains that seem to hang suspended from the sky. Created from large oak beams, you can enjoy unique views from Alto de Valcayo over Riaño.

  • Bench at the natural viewing point of Sablón en Cabo Vidio, Asturias

    7Cape Vidio (Asturias)

    Around Cape Vidio, in Asturias, you can find a network of benches designed as natural viewing points to one of the beautiful sceneries in the north of Spain. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the cliffs, beaches and caves. One of the benches with the most amazing views can be found at the Sablón natural viewing point, just 15 minutes away from Cudillero, one of the most sought-after villages in Asturias. Since you’re in the area, follow the Cliff Route and visit the Cape Video lighthouse. Nothing compares to the natural beauty of Asturias.

  • Detail of the swing at Lanjarón in Granada, Andalusia

    7Lanjarón (Granada)

    Along the “Fishermen Path”, in Lanjarón, you will find a swing with some of the best views around Granada. The path was named after the fish sellers who used to walk this route from the coast to Lanrajón. This path features a natural viewing point with a unique swing where hikers can take selfies. From there, you can gaze at the Presa de Rules swamp and the Caballo peak, the highest point in Lanjarón.

  • Ortigueira bench in A Coruna, Galicia

    7Ortigueira (A Coruna)

    Several films and series have been filmed on the Loiba coast, in the Galician Rías Altas. Nothing surprising, given the landscape of steep cliffs found in this part of Galicia. In fact, Os Picons de Loiba are giant cliffs shaped by the sea and the wind. Near the shore you can see Pena Furada, an enormous rock. In the distance, you can find cape Ortegal, one of the most well-known capes in the area. If you wish to enjoy the landscape’s full splendour, the best place to do it from is the Loiba bench. To get there, take the AC-862 road towards Viveiro and drive 11 km to Loiba. If you get there in time for sunset, you won’t regret the trip.

  • Bench at the natural viewing point of Campo da Rata de Cedeira in Pontevedra, Galicia

    7Cedeira (Pontevedra)

    We’re still in Galicia but now in the southeast, near Pontevedra. Would you like to see the estuary of the famous city of Vigo at your feet? You can do it. At the natural viewing point of Campo da Rata, in Cedeira (Redondela), you can find one of the “best benches in the world”, as chosen by several publications. It offers spectacular views of the Vigo estuary, the San Simón inlet and the amazing Rande Bridge. In addition to Cedeira, you can find other fairy-tale benches in Pontevedra, like Pazos de Forbén, Noalla and Reboreda. And there is also the swings, for example in Tui and Monteferro, where you will make unforgettable memories of your visit to Galicia. The regional gastronomy is excellent. Add photos from these benches and swings, and what else could you wish for?

  • Bench at the Palaeontology Museum in Cuenca, Castile-La Mancha


    In the gardens of the Palaeontology Museum of Castile-La Mancha, in Cuenca, you can find an amazing natural viewing point with views over the historical centre. A metal bench sits in the middle of the natural viewing point. After an intense day of sightseeing in one of the most beautiful cities in inland Spain, resting on this bench becomes the best option. And remember that you’re at the Palaeontology Museum where you can find exhibitions such as life-sized dinosaur models.

  • Swing at the Concha de Oropesa de Mar beach in Castellón, Region of Valencia

    7Oropesa del Mar (Castellón)

    What do you think of a bamboo swing in the sea? Oropesa del Mar, in Castellón, has a swing a few metres away from the shore, in the Mediterranean Sea, during high season. Visitors flock to this attraction to capture the sunrise or sunset. The swing is located in a cove near the La Concha beach, a meeting point made of fine sand and the palm trees along the promenade. The swing is easy to find since it was the first sea swing in Spain and has become extremely famous in the area.

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